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Welcome to the islands of the tropical paradise lost in the southwest part of the Pacific Ocean for unforgettable surfing vacation. The Solomon Islands archipelago offers you a beautiful azure ocean and deserted white sand beaches with stable ocean climate and pristine nature. Speaking about tourism on the islands it should be noted that it is practically not developed there. A trip to this unique spot will be perfect for those who love nature and extreme travel as the tourist infrastructure just doesn't exist on the islands.

Surfing on the islands is poorly developed so the only significant drawback of the infrastructure is a small selection of surfing equipment that you need. Most surfing spots haven't been discovered yet so you have all the chanced to become 'the pioneer'. The places known for good surfing have nicknames which you will never find on the map. We recommend asking locals where the best surfing is at this particular time of the year to find the spot that would be perfect for you. On the islands you can find a good waves. The surf washes vast coastal areas with waves of blue, green or sometimes grey shade.

The waves originate in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean and move towards the islands drawing thousands of people. Beware: enormous waves are only for experienced surfers! Surfing is considered one of the most dangerous sports and even the best rider can become a victim of the unpredictable ocean. From May through October the rough waves hitting the northern coast calm down and are perfect for swimming.

Most great surfing spots are clustered in the northern parts of the largest islands, such as Guadalcanal, San Cristobal, Malaita, New Georgia, Santa Isabel and Choiseul. Here beginner surfers can gain experience while professionals can refine their excellent surfing skills. Bays and rocky cliffs that create good conditions for experienced surfers are scattered along the islands. Sand beaches with quality beachbreakers stretch along the southwest coast. In addition, on the islands you can catch the wave all longboarders are dreaming about– a small sharp wave several hundred meters long! This is also the place where some of the highest and the most dangerous waves are born.

Solomon's surfing has everything to be enjoyed: it thrills, enchants, conquers and inspires to fight. You can’t but agree that the Solomon Islands are the best for surfing. If you are a devoted fan of this water sport who would like to get unforgettable impressions the islands are waiting for you. If you are not ready to catch the wave yet you can enjoy watching experienced surfers ride their boards.

SurfingSolomonIslands | Surf Season in The Solomon Islands - October-April