SolSurfing is working closely with Surf Solomon's to provide Surfers that wish to travel to the Solomon Islands unique adventures, that are village based, rather than "Hotel" based.

We endeavor to provide surfers pathways to stay and surf in areas that have no formal accommodation. Money you invest in your travel goes directly to community.

Most villages in the Solomon Islands are very poor money wise, but rich in everything else. Instead of spending your hard earnt $ on luxury surf travel that eliminates the locals, you can contribute to the lives of some very needy and appreciative local families.

Not only does your money enrich the lives of the locals, it protects the local ecology and fosters a pathway for these remote villages to rehabilitate and conserve these sancturies. Otherwise this environment will be used by large companies and the government as a resource playground that plunders and destroys, leaving the locals in a real mess.


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Some films that capture us an the Soul of Soul Surfing the Solomon Islands


Updated December 14, 2009

Commercial fishing destroying the Pacific and the Solomons- Greepeace doco

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