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SolSurfing is an environmentally concerned group of local Solomon Islanders, and global citizens that are developing pathways to protect and rehabilitate the natural environment. We are concerned that global industrial destructive practices like logging, fishing and mining are destroying some of the last pristine eco-systems left in the world.

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Sustainable tourism is one method that locals can preserve and protect local environments, while earning a living. Logging in many areas has decimated delicate eco-systems, while fishing vessels (some of the biggest in the world!) net entire aquatic ecosystems, including Dolphins, turtles and many unique species.

SolSurf Retreat is the only tourist accommodation in the area, we are developing systems to introduce permaculture nutrition gardens, and learning environments so the locals can live more sustainably and healthy.

By staying with the locals your valuable surf dollar goes back into local tribes, helping these isolated communities with much needed essentials like food, medicine, education, housing etc.

Although there are quite a few hotels and resort experiences to base yourself for a Solomon Islands surf adventure, only a couple have paddle out access, the others are a costly boat ride away.

Village stays are a great option if you want to experience the real Solomon Islands. More freedom to do what you want when you want, while living in paradise with an ancient tribe.

8ft and Perfect

Come help protect this valuable ecological treasure before we lose her...


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There are some great waves in the Solomon's, most unridden and unexplored. Many reasons for this include political/legal unrest, local custom and traditions, ownership, and just plain accessibility. There are very few roads, boat transport is fickle, and there are not many guest houses off the regular tourist route. Unlike most countries the majority of the Solomon Islands is still tribal land, thus to enter many of these places you need to know a local family that will give you permission to go there, you also need to seek permission from local chiefs, police and tourism authorities.

SolSurf Retreat is on the Island of Santa Isabel. One of the least visited islands in the Solomon's by tourists. We are working together with locals to build a sustainable surf retreat that is both comfortable and traditional on a remote uninhabited island. Currently guest accommodation is a well constructed timber pole home overlooking a beautiful lagoon, situated is a very small village. The surf is 5 min's away in the boat, with numerous breaks of differing sizes for all abilities. Fishing is as nature intended, the ocean is teaming with colorful aquatic species, brilliant corals, turquoise waters, and flanked by white sandy beaches. Enjoy snorkeling and spear fishing when your not surfing, or just relax in the hammock and read a book.

Isabel Sol Surfers Journey


Adventure Awaits

The ultimate surfers journey that rekindles the 'feral' spirit of adventure and perfection. There are no other surfers in the area, most of the islands are uninhabited steamy tropical jungles, fringed by reefs teaming with life and color. There are too many reef passes and reef/beach break setups to explore in a week, but try if you will.

Island wave

Upon arrival you will be greeted by friendly locals at the airstrip, you will leave by boat to SolSurf Retreat, the trip roughly takes about an hour through lush mangrove systems, past jungle clad islands, over coral reefs and through some spectacular living eco-systems.

Once on the island you will be introduced to the team (your new friends), who are there to make your stay enjoyable, comfortable and most importantly safe. Surfers have the use of a three bedroom pole home overlooking a tranquil lagoon.. Three fresh meals are prepared daily with fresh local vegetables and fruits, along with fish or lobster. The village is very small, just a couple families, most people in the area live in the main village of Kia. You are most welcome and encouraged to visit some of the nearby villages and 'talk story'.

The surf

Like anywhere surf is never guaranteed. The peak time is from November to March, there can be quite intense storm systems at this time of the year that drive heavy rains and wind through the islands. And yes there can be flat/windy/stormy spells. Generally 14 days ensures quality, it gives you enough time for exploration, relaxation, and so many other activities that are typical for life in the Solomon's too. You will feel immersed in paradise and marvel at the abundance of life that surrounds you in this truly beautiful part of the world, the remoteness and quality of the waves will conjure your imagination and spark your surfing soul.


As for the surf when its on you ask? Quality, Power and Size are all there, most of the setups are fast and challenging for any experienced surfer, breaking mostly over reef passes and bombies they can be quite intimidating. You will need 2-3 boards to accommodate wave size and breakage. Depending on your experience and mood our guides will take you where you want to go. There are smaller waves inside the passes that the not so experienced can enjoy.


Unlike most surf camps SolSurf Retreat includes the use of our boat and fuel in the package price to access the more isolated breaks. We have a local surf guide that will show you the best waves depending on conditions. The breaks are just a short trip out in the boat, just 5-10 min's away. There are many others within 30mins from the camp also.

Paddle out

There are many waves in the vicinity, however most are unsurfed. For those interested in exploring these unridden gems we can, if conditions are right go searching. The scenery alone is breathtaking, wandering through these uninhabited islands is the epitome of paradise, the reef is alive and abundant with life and colour, and the islands are dense with majestic jungles. Add to the picture a virgin wave peeling down the reef and like me, you will not be able to able to contain your excitement. It is an amazing feeling to surf these waves, so pristine, remote and many times immaculately perfect. This is the GrassRoots feeling of SolSurfing in the Solomon Islands, similar I guess to our surfing ancestors, we feel one with nature, charged with her energy.

Sunset wave

This area is particularly different from any other surf camp option in the Solomon Islands besides Surf Solomon's. We are situated on the Eastern side of Santa Isabel, facing the open Pacific Ocean, the swell here comes from the East and the North, it is more powerful than any of the surf hitting the Coral Sea side of the Solomon Islands where other surf camps base themselves. Many times a mystery ground swell hits unannounced and the power that these waves discharge as they fold into perfect barrels is quite thrilling, similar to Indo perfection and grunt. There are options for either the advanced surfer or the intermediate depending on the day and your mood, but be warned it can get very heavy!

Arvo carve

There are options available to fly direct to the main island and land at Suavanao airport, an airport pickup boat will take you to the camp. This option might be an alternative for those wishing to surf for a week only. Surfers can fly in, connect with an island flight and be at the camp that afternoon. Otherwise there is the ship, much cheaper, roughly about 24hours journey, but its a great sightsee and your ensured that all your boards and equipment arrives with you, unlike the plane...

Dates and times are open, dependent upon your travel desires. The maximum number of guests is only 5 people, so your ensured a great time and as many waves as you can handle..

5 surfers only

For a limited time we are offering these trips for $120 Australian/Day

Special OFFER for 1 month stays @ $100/day, price includes:

News ~ There are now 3 Flights a week to the Island!

# Transfers to and from airstrip - roughly 1 hour each way.

# Food and accommodation - Most food is local and organic, including fresh seafood, seasonal fruits and edible local delicacies. There is a 3 bedroom high set timber home for guests, provided are mosquito nets, 6 inc mattresses, pillows, bed sheets etc. A generator of 750watts, and for cool drinks ice cubes and an eskey are avaliable.

# Surf Guides with minimum 2 transfers to and from the surf each day, petrol included.

# Local guides to show you the sites - Crocodile tours, jungle treks, island tours, snorkeling, and options for cultural festivities and custom stories.

# There is mobile phone reception nearby for those that want to communicate with freinds and family.

Your money helps support the local people and the environment, while also protecting the paradise from logging, fishing, mining and poverty. To secure your trip, payments can be made below. A deposit of $100 AUD is required to secure your booking, fully refundable with at least 2 months notice.

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