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The Solomon Isalnds are unspoiled, unique, beautiful, and blessed with many great waves. If you like crowds then go to Indo!

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Seen the article "Scoping the Solomons"?

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Ready to leave the sheeple and explore a surfers paradise? Staying in local Solomon Island villages near some great waves is truly one of the last remaining frontiers in surf travel and exploration.


Remember these places are very remote and can be dangerous, the local village you intend going to needs to be aware that your coming, so they can arrange your accommodation and prepare your food.


It is always wise to inform your intended destination of departure times and dates to ensure safe travel. Most of the traveling you do in the Solomon Islands is by sea, so be prepared for the worst, strong winds and heavy rain can really cause damage. It can get cold, believe it or not..

Preparation is the Key!


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Gizo wave

Want to go on a surf trip without the crowds, without tourists and hotels, shops and bars, cars and phones? SolSurfing has many options available for you to explore remote surfing locations while staying in local villages.


The problem experienced by many local villages in surf rich areas is exploitation by wealthy businessmen/tour oporators, and destructive resource explotation. Staying in local villages is the best way to not only experience the Solomon Islands, but also a great way to give them a little income for protecting these waters and islands. Sharing your money with local villages that embrace the shores of the waves you surf is not only respectful, but it is also a powerful way that we as surfers can help entire communities and eco-systems.


Giving our valuable surf dollar to island communities is an alternative to mining, logging, and commercial fishing practices that put food on many local families dinner tables, while leaving generations of people and the environment to pay dearly in the very near future. This is the sad reality of surf tourism in many parts of the world, but it doesn't have to be like that..

A great alternative, and a much more inexpensive way to surf remote waves is to stay with local villages. There are numerous local traditional guest homes and village stays throughout the Solomon Islands, the trick is organizing dates/times, finding them, and getting there.


This is where we come in...

Solomon Islands map

Take a closer look at the map and you can quite easily see the potential of surf throughout the entire Solomon Island group. When I began surfing in the Solomon Islands in the mid 90's I was told by a respected local that there were only 2 local surfers in the country. The issue for you and me is accessibility, safety and survival, then we can concern ourselves with food, water, waves and relaxation. The reality is that most of the exposed coastline that attracts surf is remote, dangerous (for many reasons), without amenities, and tribal land that disqualifies any well intentioned journey from taking place unless expressed permission is given.

surf home

Fear not, there are ways! SolSurfing has many contacts in villages throughout the Solomon Islands that are near some great waves, you can stay at these villages in very simple yet comfortable accommodation, and eat with local families indulging in some of the finest organic fresh cuisine on the planet. Trust me you wont go hungry!


Gizo Western Province

Swell google earth

No surf trip to the Solomon Islands is complete without a visit to the relaxed bustle of the 'Biggest little' town in the Solomon Islands outside of Honiara. Not a big place by any standard, but there are some great waves here. The local market is active most days providing a plentiful supply of fresh Organic fruit and vegetables, cooked meals like fish and chips, and quality fresh local caught fish. There is a small movie theatre, resturants, a few bars, diving, tours, a couple night time boogie hang-outs, and some very animated and friendly locals.

Sammie and the boys

Gizo has hotel and guest accommodation in and around the town and islands. However nothing is near the surf. The majority of the Surf surrounds a small village known as Suva, a thriving surf village with some very talented local surfers. A guest house has recently been constructed, aptly named 'Hideaway Inn', surfers can now enjoy the comforts of thier very own leaf house. Maximum 5 guests, price includes 3 meals a day, surf guides, activites and some of the best waves in the Solomon Islands. The leaf house is set off to the side of a small village, you have privacy, a door you can lock, fresh water shower, toilet, matresses, under house chill deck, fresh drinking water, and easy access by road to either walk or 5 min truck ride into Gizo town...

Hideaway Inn $50Au Person/Night

Book now for the Cyclone Season Nov 09 ~ March 10

Fresh fruit and vegetables served daily will keep your energy levels high and health in peak condition. The guys can arrange ice and cold drinks if you like, and show you some of the not so touristy sites. Enjoy a game of soccer in the afternoon with the boys on the beach , snorkel over the reef, and score some great waves. Its your trip and you will be staying with the local surfers, a great bunch of people, always entertaining and welcoming, happy to share the joys of wave riding and friendship.

Happy Tourists

"We had a amazingly good time.  Loads of fun, scored some great surf, got barreled, snorkeled, fished, explored, hammocked.  Sammmy was there and ripping, even though he was missing two fins.. The people are so friendly and welcoming, the beaches are beautiful.  And to have only max 4 people in the water… and your all friends,  on a quality wave.. that’s something so unique and hard to get these days!"

Roz Dekker May 2009


Gizo and the rest of the island and surrounding islands are still recovering from the devastating tsunami that devoured much of the coastline in April 2007, killing many and leaving the vast majority homeless. By staying in the local village you can help re-build confidence in the community that they can recover. You will get more from these generous people than you can possibly give. The locals own these waves, its their backyard, so always ask permission before you enter their garden, and maybe they'll share some of their secrets with you.

Is'nt paddelling out soo much better than boating it out?

Go for a surf, swim, fish, paddle in canoe, jungle trek, visit custom sites all while enjoying the exuberant hospitality of the Solomon Island people.




tsunami reef

Not many go to this beautiful Island situated near Gizo. A rugged mountainous island that has never been intensively logged, its abundant with rich tropical island flora and fauna, waterfalls, and some great waves. The local villages there a some of the friendliest in the Solomon Islands, most of the fruit and vegetables sold at the Gizo market comes from Ranonga people who travel daily to sell their bounties. The picture above shows the exposed reef that grew overnight after the Tsunami in 2007, 8 meters is apparently how much the Island grew from the under-sea earthquake in a matter of minutes. Other islands weren't as fortunate, many sunk and entire villages retreated into the mountains and other islands.

surf home

This place is truly relaxing, you can stay in local villages amongst the magnificent rainforest, explore remote custom sites and tribal areas, learn how the locals garden, swim in fresh water streams, dance with some rastafari's, and score some great waves when the time is right.

Islands rise

The above image shows the reef that rose about 8m after the underwater plate movements that caused the earthquakes and tsunamis. There was a break here. Some footage will be available soon to see the difference.

Not a surf mecca, but the rewards are there for the patient. Some awesome set-ups, with no surfer or tourist in sight. Bring on the good old days of Soul Surfing, laugh with the locals as they surf the waves on canoes, broken bits of timber, or just body surfing.



Get off the beaten track and do some searching. Stay with a local family right near some spectacular breaks with, reefies, bombies and beachies nearby. Again another very remote location that has great waves with no surfers or tourists within a days travel. You can truly find your inner feral surfer here, transcend your surf journey to another high, and experience the joy of surfing in an area that very few surfers have ever experienced.

You will be blown away with the raw energy of this remote jungle location. It's an invigorating place that will bend your mind, and make you wander why no one else is there. This area is perfectly placed to cop any swell directed to the Western Province, with more exposed coast than Gizo and Skull Island, more power, and an infinite number of wave options you may not want to leave..



Want to go further off the beaten track? Tetepare island is a traditionally preserved and protected island, that is synonymous with the term "Paradise". There are no permanent villages here, no logging, fishing, mining or roads. You can stay at the Tetepare guest house while helping the locals monitor and rehabilitate one of the last precious eco-systems in the Solomon Islands and indeed the world. Check out the site Tetepare - The Last Wild Island

Again there are some great waves to surf and discover for the hardy adventurer. The reef systems are dynamic and surfing here will remind you of Tahiti or 'Santosha'.


More to come as site grows

Please understand that SolSurfing takes no responsibility for your health and safety in the Solomon Islands. However we do provide thorough information and discussion pre-travel . While in the Solomon's we maintain health and safety as a priority, however sometimes incidence occur unexpectedly.

It can be a dangerous place so take out some insurance, and grab yourself some chinese herbal malaria prevention medicine before you head over. Most of the islands are remote, no roads, power, phones. It is advisable to bring your own small medial kit. Detailed consultation and information upon confirmation of booking.

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