Are you prepared to leave your home and family, your loves and comforts to an edge that you may not return from, are you ready to LEAP into another paradigm?

There are now 3 Flights a week to Isabel Island! No easier way to Soul Surf your way through Paradise...

New Video! The other life on the Sunshine Coast

Checkout the swell hitting the Solomon's from both the pacific side, and on the coral sea side. Winter is a great time for Gizo and surrounds as Southern Ocean ground swells push up past the cold Australian coastline and eventually form into beautiful tropical island bliss pits...

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Searching for your very own surf paradise, with no tourists or hotels insight?

Find out how you can stay on a remote tropical island in the Solomon Islands, and have an endless variety of surf to keep you smiling




Solomon Islands…The Pacific's Forgotten Treasure

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I have the nicest memories and mental pictures of the morning I was in Paelongi. The villagers were a delight, and I will stay there on next visit (if invited!).

I truly hope as well the Solomon Islanders can embrace , and benefit from a sustainable/locally owned tourism industry. It amazed me that not once was I approached for money etc. The way it was when I first visited "undeveloped" Bali in 1977. Peter




Been to Indo, Maldives, Hawaii, Fiji or New Guinea? Been there before the resort was built, before the crowds, before the hassle, the hype and expensive prices? The sad reality of surfing's global progression has ruined many a great wave, line-ups that once curled effortlessly around points and reef passes with no-one but a local in his canoe fishing near-by to witness, are now teaming with million dollar boats, 5 Star resorts, and a very competitive crowd, all eager to justify their spending's by scrounging as many waves as possible. It is very difficult to find totally new waves in 2008, let alone re-visit the surf sanctuaries we once played in, where a closely guarded secret handed down to those worthy was the key, protecting the area from mass tourism, crowds and stress.

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The closely guarded secrets that unlock mystery breaks in the Solomon Islands are now unlocking...

"Had a ball! Was just what i was after. Got lots of great waves, the right was soooo much fun, was 6ft one day with plenty of power!! Fishing was crazy and the 3 boys, skip, reno, haro were awesome to have by our side.. As i said, I have been looking for the likes of this for some time now and I`m in love with the place, will be back there, will go in the more consistent months though next time and with alot more supplies.. I cant wait and yes I said the same to them, DONT let mainstream tourism anywhere near them Islands!!. Thanks.. Glen Marks ~ 17th Nov 2009

Sustainable Tourism


Without sustainable tourism the Solomon Islands will continue on its downward spiral towards generational poverty and eco-system/natural habitat extinction. Without tourists and travelers who really cares that the Marovo Lagoon (a world heritage nominated marine park) is filthy and polluted from resource extraction and destruction.

According to Greenpeace, "many serious social impacts resulting from logging have been documented over the last decade. These include: destruction of water sources and desecration of sacred and burial sites, child sexual abuse and prostitution, increased disputes and conflict within a community, the breakdown of social structures, and hardship resulting from the loss and damage to forest resources that local people rely on for their every day living."

Sustainable tourism gives tribes the option of resource preservation, re-habilitation and protection. Tribal Land Custodians see value in tourist activities, an alternative to logging, mining, fishing and poverty that benefits both communities and natural habitats. Your holiday can really make a difference towards the fortunes of a Lost Paradise, we as a global community can recognize the significance and beauty of the Solomon Islands by wandering her isles, sleeping in villages, and exploring her charms in and out of the water.


The reality is life in the Solomon Islands is very difficult, most villages are very poor, good health and education is sparse. Simple things like good drinking water, toilets, showers, electricity, safe and comfortable homes are all luxuries most cant afford. Local wages, including skilled positions, are poorly paid, goods and services are usually expensive, inferior in quality and more costly than Australian G&S, its a difficult place to live. Lets not get started on communication and efficiency! Sustainable Tourism can help alleviate the growing pains towards stability in the Solomon Islands, we can preserve and protect these surf spots through grassroots action, get dirty in a local village, plant some trees, talk story and share the vibe of surfing with an ancient tribe.


This idea does not stop with surfers - fisherman, hikers, divers, rastas, gypsy's, couples, honeymoon's, wedding's, and anyone wishing to come to the Solomon's can make a tremendous difference to these local communities and eco-systems. Resource plundering is a major environmental issue in the Solomon Islands, sustainable tourism can protect these areas while providing the locals with better income and employment opportunities.

The difficulties aside with life in the Solomon Islands, we see abundant beauty in nature and people, we see paradise, a land lost in time that still has ancient forests and reef systems, cultures and communities interacting harmoniously in a garden of edon.

By giving local people the autonomy to develop slowly into sustainable tourism activities, we will see future generations of local Solomon Islanders rise up to claim their just deserves of good health, education, employment, housing, lifestyle, happiness, fulfillment and family union, harmoniously balanced within a thriving ecology

SolSurfing offers surfers and travelers insight and pathways to explore the Solomon Islands in search of surf, fish, culture, exploration and more. Unlike most surf travel web sites we are promoting surf travel to those aware of the environment, aware of their footprint and interaction with life on their journey. Staying in local villages you can experience an infinitely more valuable journey than a secluded hotel has to offer (and you get better waves), but your also contributing to protecting and re-habilitating the environment by showing the locals that you care!


Like many pacific islands there are empty waves hidden throughout the archipelago, getting there is only half the battle, surviving there is the real challenge, and thriving there a real skill. Opening these areas to intrepid surf travelers is simply the most environmentally conscious way to help out remote villages with some form of income. It also has the added benefit for cross cultural exchanges that educate not only the locals, but us western crusaders about life and living, where deep friendships are forged and the gap between modern and primitive merge.


If your after luxury then this is not the place for you. The only real way to explore and surf the Solomon Islands is by living with the locals in their local environments and homes, thus no 5 Star, but very comfortable and relaxing traditional thatched huts. Have a look at the Surf Trips area for more details..

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Escape Captivity, leave the rat race and the Sheeple behind, head off to your very own surf paradise. Remote and exclusive, designed and operated by surfers for surfers. Experience the freedom of surfing and living on a remote tropical island, with just 4 mates. Get back to the roots of surfing, no cars, shops, tourists, commercial surf brands, or annoying crowds. It's wild, raw and Beautiful, littered with powerful reef passes, lefts and rights, many unsurfed, many unseen.

Rest easy knowing that your surf trip helps local communities and eco-systems. No-one really travels here, it's remote and requires special considerations for entry and exploration. Be the first to experience a very special part of the Solomon Islands, as the locals invite you to experience their paradise, we are now ready and open for visitors...

Village Stays


Surfers now have the opportunity to stay in numerous local Solomon Island villages that are near some really great surf breaks. This alternative to modern guest accommodation will suit the more adventurous traveler/surfer who wants to experience the culture and beauty of life in the Solomon Islands with some fantastic surf, fishing and local activities. Take a peek at what Village stays are about and why they benefit local communities.

SolSurfing the Solomon Islands

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